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Hi Gear Winhill WP Mens walking shoes in Charcoal and Orange

OK so I know what you are thinking, Ian’s going walking, we are going to get blog posts from the top of Scar Fell or from the middle of a moor. Well sorry to disappoint, but no, I do walk about a bit, but generally it’s in the direction of a coffee shop. I’m kidding of course I’m not that bad, but I’m not writing this to tell you about my fitness. I’ve bought myself a pair of Hi Gear walking shoes from Go Outdoors (£20 with your discount card, retail price £35). Looking them over before I put them
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How to erect a caravan awning in your back garden without a caravan

It seems like a silly thing to try and do, but there are times when you may need to put up your awning in a place where your caravan isn’t. I had such an occasion recently because I needed to check over my caravan awning after Storm Katie had collapsed it over Easter. The problem you see is we have put our van into summer storage in Devon and we live in Telford. Being back home means we don’t have the van to hand to hold up the one side of the awning so I had to come up with a
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