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Website Package for UK Camp Sites

Ian BlackfordBy day I’m a self employed website developer running my company but by night I am the author of Make Camp. I along with my family love camping and time willing we go as much as we can. I have two young children so their hobbies and social life take precedence but when we can we are off in our Land Rover Discovery for a camp in our Berghaus Air 8 tent, or off down to Devon, Cornwall or Wales with our caravan in tow.
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Trespass 350gsm extra wide sleeping bag

So I have finally been able to give the Trespass 350gsm extra wide sleeping bag a good test. I’ve had the odd night in one in the caravan, but lets face it, in a caravan you can keep your heating on low and you seldom get cold over night. We have just come back from an ‘old-school camping trip’ in Wales, real roughing it… tent… field… wilderness… OK, OK, you found me out. We had a weekend camping on a lovely campsite by the sea with electric hook up, air beds, gas cooker the works! Well if you are going to do it, you
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Photography by Joe Blackford

I love being out and about, and I love to take photos whilst I'm doing it. The other day I was scratching my head because I couldn't get a shot I'd taken onto Instagram, Joe (my 14 year son) said here, do this, that and press this and there you go.
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