Camping kit that we bought in 2016

I don’t know about you but I seem to find that I can just keep spending and spending on camping equipment. Just when I think that I have everything I could need, I find that I’m still missing that one extra little thing that I just have to have. There are necessities of course, then there are the gadgets and the things that I really need to think carefully about how I am going to get this purchase past my wife!

Let me tell you about the things we have bought this year, mostly it’s been necessities so I haven’t been in trouble yet – but there is still three months to go until the end of the year and there is the NEC show to go to yet.

Trespass 350gsm extra wide sleeping bags

One thing that I hate about sleeping bags is the way they wrap around your legs as you sleep. I like plenty of space when I sleep so I could never get on with mummy bags or even the normal sized bags, so these large oversized bags by Trespass are perfect for me.

The other great thing about these bags is their price, they are currently £21.99 in Argos. They are big, warm and excellent for sleeping inside a caravan.

Read the full review here

The Trespass 350gsm extra wide sleeping bag

Ikea Crockery

At last years Camping and Caravanning show we bought some rather nice (but quite expensive) pates and bowls by Corelle. They are lightweight and are very popular with caravaners because of their chip and break resistance.

Well, sods law dictates that we didn’t buy enough and needed a few more plates for some guests we had in the summer holidays. It was all a bit last minute and we didn’t have time to purchase more, but as luck would have it we found something very similar in Ikea. I don’t know for certain if they are made from the same material – or if they are chip resistant, but they are certainly lightweight. If you are on a budget then these might well be the thing you are looking for.

BBQ without the burn!

I’ve never BBQ’d properly. I have sometimes had a few sausages that have cooked and browned nicely, but I have to be honest, a lot of the time they have cooked and burnt black because I can’t keep them out of the flames.

All that changed when I bought the Cadac Carri Chef 2 earlier this year. I bought it with the BBQ / Chef Pan Combo plates but then went mad and bought the paella pan and pizza stone too. It has revolutionised our BBQ’s, breakfasts and evening meal cooking. I have made pancakes for breakfast, I have cooked handmade pizza, and of course we have had a fully monty fry up which you can do all in one pan.

Some people have reported that they can’t keep theirs clean, but if you get one of these large collapsible garden buckets the griddles and cooking plates wash like a dream. There is no more direct flame on food so you don’t get the burnt on mess you do with a mesh grill on a traditional barby. The non-stick coating on the Cadac plates is superb and because the hottest point is in the centre of the pan, and the pans are so big, you can push the food out to the edges to keep hot when they are cooked. The control you have over cooking is awesome.

To say I love this thing is an understatement, but I do have one minor thing to mention, you need to find a flat place to position it because the height on the legs isn’t adjustable. If you pitch it and you are on a slant it does mean that your food can slide to one side. I found this out when I made pancakes, I couldn’t make a round one because the mixture kept running off, so I got creative, check out the one I made into a whale!

A 'whale' of a pancake!
A 'whale' of a pancake!

By day I used to be a self employed website developer running my company but now I have flipped my career on it’s head and I have retrained as a caravan engineer servicing caravans and motorhomes. I can be found at Telford Caravan Services  I am also the author of Make Camp. I along with my family love caravanning and time willing we go as much as we can. I have two teenage children so their hobbies and social life take precedence but when we can we are off in our Land Rover Discovery to ‘make camp’ in our Swift Coastline Esprit.

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