Hi Gear Winhill WP Mens walking shoes in Charcoal and Orange

OK so I know what you are thinking, Ian’s going walking, we are going to get blog posts from the top of Scar Fell or from the middle of a moor. Well sorry to disappoint, but no, I do walk about a bit, but generally it’s in the direction of a coffee shop.

I’m kidding of course I’m not that bad, but I’m not writing this to tell you about my fitness. I’ve bought myself a pair of Hi Gear walking shoes from Go Outdoors (£20 with your discount card, retail price £35). Looking them over before I put them on I was impressed with the overall quality, the stitching is good and there is a decent thickness in the soul. But… Hi Gear?!? I mean reeaaally? Surely one should be sporting a pair of <<insert-name-of-another-expensive-brand-here>>? Well, in all honesty, no. Why spend a fortune when you can have a perfectly decent pair of shoes for a fraction of the price? Obviously there are differences between consumer and Pro kit,

I have to admit, my perception of Hi Gear is budget brand and yes when you compare the price to the others I just mentioned then they clearly are. But I have to say the build quality is anything but budget. The box they came in was sturdy and well made, the shoes were wrapped in branded tissue paper, everything about them said ‘premium’ rather than cut price. I bought these in May as my camping shoes, but I like them so much I’ve been wearing them for a lot more than just camping. I hadn’t realised quite how much stuff Hi Gear actually make, their range is vast, so I don’t think it’s right to call them ‘budget’ I think a better term would be ‘main stream’.

Would I buy them again? Yes. Would I buy other items in the Hi Gear range? Yes!

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