Our new tent – Berghaus Air 8 plus porch

We are a family of four, so you might be wondering why we have just bought an eight berth Berghaus Air 8 tent. Well we like space… actually scratch that… I LIKE SPACE and I hate to be tripping over shoes, bags, tables, chairs and all the other paraphernalia that you take with you camping.

Berghaus Air 8

Also I have two children, a boy and a girl and they are getting to the age where sharing a sleeping pod in a tent is uncool, so when we sold our old tents we had a look around for something bigger and more suitable to our needs. I really liked the Kampa Croyde 6 Air or the Daymer 8 Air but we opted for the Berghaus Air 8 with optional porch instead. There isn’t much in it size or weight wise and it all came down to price at the end. The Berghaus was on sale at Millets, in stock and ready to go so we bought it.

We already have a number of weeks booked in our caravan so we haven’t yet had chance to take this tent out yet, but when we do – I’ll report back on how we get on. Might have to do a short weekend flit to somewhere local, if you have any ideas on good family friendly campsites in Shropshire or the nearby surroundings please let me know, comments below please.

By day I used to be a self employed website developer running my company www.designconscious.co.uk but now I have flipped my career on it’s head and I have retrained as a caravan engineer servicing caravans and motorhomes. I can be found at Telford Caravan Services  I am also the author of Make Camp. I along with my family love caravanning and time willing we go as much as we can. I have two teenage children so their hobbies and social life take precedence but when we can we are off in our Land Rover Discovery to ‘make camp’ in our Swift Coastline Esprit.

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  1. Dave Overton

    Just bought one of these tents , waiting for it to arrive from Blacks (with 15% online discount was something like £441)
    Not bought the air porch , but it’s only me , my partner and our 3 dogs.Maybe my two kids at some point.
    We currently have a Vango Maritsa 700 which is a great tent , but the poles are hugely heavy and a couple have bent on our latest trip whilst deploying in the wind.I’ve been struggling with tennis elbow in both arms , so we looked at finding something easier to pitch.We did initially look at the offering from Decathlon – we have one locally , so seemed the obvious first port of call.They didn’t , however , have a large enough one in stock , and nor did anywhere in the UK.I did some fairly intensive searching on the web, and we settled upon the Berghaus air 8.Looking forward to getting out and trying it soon….

    • Hi Dave,

      Have you had chance to ‘make camp’ in your Berghaus yet? We haven’t use ours yet as we have spent the summer in the caravan… in-between digging up the garden! we may make a dash for the Welsh coast or Bala Lake in the September half term.


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