Friday 22nd of February 2019

25 5 GB UL Cooker Non Stick with Gas Burner





The Trangia 25-5 GB UL Cooker is a non stick Trangia set which includes a Gas burner for easy and fast cooking and as an alternative to the spirit burner. A gas burner provides a higher efficiency and is easier to control. The Trangia 25 5 GB is a excellent storm-proof cooker designed for 3 to 4 people. The non stick coating allows for easy frying without oil and makes it easier to clean after use. Lightweight, fast and reliable in all weathers.Part of the Duke of Edinburgh recommended kit.Features 2 Non-stick saucepans, 1.75 and 1.5 litre 1 Non-stick Frying pan, 22 cm 2 Windshields (upper and lower) 1 Burner. 1 Handle. 1 Strap. Specifications Takes C250, C500 and C100 Coleman Cartridges Stove material : Aluminium Diameter Packed: 22cm Height packed: 10cm Weight: 975g Standard Butane/Propane screw fitment Burn time: 3.5 mins (litre of water and tested at 20 degrees without wind) Burns 150g of gas per hour Cleaner flame Allows easy adjustment of flame to control simmer Will not work below -10 degrees due to gas

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