Friday 22nd of February 2019

25 8 UL HA Cooker Hardanodised with Kettle





The Trangia 25-8UL HA Cooker is an ultralight cooker designed for groups of 3 to 4 people on a camping or hiking trip. The 25 series of Trangia stoves are larger and therefore make great family stoves whilst still remaining a lightweight stove. The 25-8UL camping stove includes a stove with an aluminium windshield, 2 hardanodized pans in different capacities, a 22cm hardanodized frying pan and a 0.9 litre kettle along with essentials like a pan grip and windshields to prevent the flame blowing out. The 25-8UL HA stove comes from Trangia’s hardanodized range which has a corrosion resistant layer applied to their lightweight cookwear making items scratch resistant and hard wearing. Furthermore, this treatment makes stoves and their pots easier to clean! Trangia puts alot of focus on stoves being lightweight and this makes them perfect for backpacking as they take up minimal room in your rucksack whilst a strap keeps items together. Features Suitable for 3-4 people. Includes: Wider 22cm hardanodized frypan 0.9 litre aluminium kettle. 1.75 hardanodized saucepan 1.5 litre hardanodized saucepan Upper and lower aluminium windshields Burner Pan grip Strap Specifications Weight 1025g Dimensions 22 x 10 cm Material : Aluminium hardanodized for corrosion resistance Time to boil water: 8 minutes for 1 litre of water, indoors at 20 degrees C Burner takes 1dl and will burn for approximately 25 minutes Allow for 0.5l of spirits per person per week in the summer

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