Sunday 16th of December 2018

Eurohike Bowfell 600 6 Person Tent, Blue

£600.00 £250.00



With a great communal area and large sleeping space for up to six people the Bowfell 600 is a great tent for family camping or couples looking to spread out. Erecting the tent is easy thanks to the semi-geodesic construction and an optional sheltered area can be pitched for rain and sun cover. The sleeping area is also customisable with either a 4 person bedroom or 2 x 2 person bedrooms meaning the tent is suitable for different types of holidays.

By day I used to be a self employed website developer running my company but now I have flipped my career on it’s head and I have retrained as a caravan engineer servicing caravans and motorhomes. I can be found at Telford Caravan Services  I am also the author of Make Camp. I along with my family love caravanning and time willing we go as much as we can. I have two teenage children so their hobbies and social life take precedence but when we can we are off in our Land Rover Discovery to ‘make camp’ in our Swift Coastline Esprit.


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