Trespass 350gsm extra wide sleeping bag

So I have finally been able to give the Trespass 350gsm extra wide sleeping bag a good test. I’ve had the odd night in one in the caravan, but lets face it, in a caravan you can keep your heating on low and you seldom get cold over night.

We have just come back from an ‘old-school camping trip’ in Wales, real roughing it… tent… field… wilderness… OK, OK, you found me out. We had a weekend camping on a lovely campsite by the sea with electric hook up, air beds, gas cooker the works! Well if you are going to do it, you might as well do it with some degree of comfort!

Speaking of comfort, the only thing that drags me down about camping is the sleeping, I dread bed time because you know that at some point you are going to wake up cold, damp and aching. It’s good therefore to be prepared and one thing that is a must is a good quality sleeping bag. Now we all know that there are two ends to every price range, the top end where you pay lots of money and the bottom end where you pay not so much. But my argument is that along that scale is a point where the item you are buying isn’t any better (because there is a limit to the product materials) and after that you are paying for the, build quality, design features and the brand premium. Some products definitely are designed better than others and cheap products definitely suffer from build quality issues, but if you look carefully you can spot the product that nestles neatly into the sweat spot of all these considerations.

The Trespass 350gsm extra wide sleeping bag fits this niche nicely, first the price is bang on, currently £19.99 from Argos. This is superb because if you are buying for a family of four anything more expensive means you start to think twice about buying. The bag is made from quality materials (as good as any other on the market), the build quality is as good as other more expensive ones I looked at and you are can be pleased that you are buying a ‘brand’ (everyone loves buying a brand at a bargain price!)

Trespass 350gsm extra wide sleeping bag

I tested this bag over a two night camp in Wales where the average temperature out side was between 8-12ºC over night. So not a cold night but it was windy and wet which always makes it feel worse than perhaps it is. I slept on an airbed with an insulating sheep under the mattress, a blanket on top of the mattress, my Trespass sleeping bag and a ‘share’ of a blanket over the top. I say a ‘share’ because my wife and I shared a double blanket over the top of us. At some point in the night I lost my ‘share’ of the blanket, but I didn’t need it, I was warm enough. I did have a hat on, having more hair on my chin than on the top of my head means my head can get quite cold, so a thermal hat is a must. The bag kept me warm, I didn’t need socks and it didn’t wrap me up and get tangled.

Extra wide sleeping bags give you a much better sleeping experience, I don’t like the mummy bags or even the standard size bag anymore, for me it’s wide ones all the way. The cowl at the head of this bag also helps to stop your pillow from sliding off the top of the bed, so design features get a tick also. Perhaps the most over looked thing about sleeping bags is the bag that you keep it in, most manufacturers make there bags too small and that makes packing away a nightmare. Trespass have been very sensible and made the bag the right size, not to big, not too small, packing the sleeping bag away is therefor a breeze.

The Trespass 350gsm extra wide sleeping bag in my view is a great sleeping bag, it ticks all the boxes in quality and features and definitely ticks the box in regards to price.

Is there anything I can find a fault with? Perhaps, and it’s minor, it would be nice to be able to zip two bags together and make it into an extra large double, but the cowl means that you can’t do this, it also mean you can’t really unzip it and use it as an over blanket, but then again, that’s not part of the ‘design’ and so can’t really be considered a criticism.


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