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Have you heard of Blue Bio? Of course you have! Do you know who makes it? Well you may not know that it’s made by Wessex Chemical Factors, and you may not know that they actually make a load of cleaning products. I recently spoke to Wessex Chemical Factors and asked them seven key questions about their products.

Here is what Mike Borowski the Managing Director said.

1. What sets your products apart from other cleaning and deodorising fluids?

From a chemical perspective, what sets our Blue Bio fluid apart from other toilet cleaning fluids is that it runs on bacteria that produce enzymes to break down short chain molecules (ie smelly ones 😉) so long chain molecules do not become airborne and therefore don’t go up your nose.

2. Can your products be used in the home and leisure environments? If so please list as many as you can.

We have an extensive range of products at Wessex Chemical Factors that can be used in all homes and leisure environments. Our Blue Bio fluid can be used in toilets, grey water tanks via a shower or sink, septic tanks for domestic use and even on narrowboats. Other products such as our Waterless Wash, Odour Eliminator, Bathroom Cleaner, Glass Cleaner and FDA Cleaner have multiple uses in the home and leisure environments.

3. Do you have a cleaner for every job, or is there one universal one?

We have a whole range of cleaners for a whole range of jobs but we also have the FDA cleaner which is a concentrate that can be used to clean most things.

4. Where are your products made?

All of our products are made at our factory in Daventry and all of our ingredients are sourced in the UK.

5. Are your products competitively priced with similar fluids on the market?

We believe all of our products are priced competitively and offer great value for money due to their quality of the results they deliver for the quantity needed for use. For example, our Blue Bio toilet fluid is cheaper to use than any other product we know of as you only need to use a small amount (20ml) each time. One bottle can last you a very long time!

6. Because your products contain natural ingredients, what is the shelf life of the product like?

Our Blue Bio fluid officially has a shelf life of 2 years but we know from our users that it’s not uncommon for a bottle to last them 4-5 years while still being fully effective.

6. What other products do you have in the pipeline?

We are currently looking at developing a range of products for hot tubs which we are very excited about!

Wessex Glass Cleaner
Blue Bio toilet fluid

As luck would have it, I have now run out of the other manufactures ‘blue’ chemical that I used in the bottom tank of my caravan toilet, so now I am going to invest in a bottle of Blue Bio and see what the difference is. I love that these are Eco Friendly products – and I especially love the fact that they are made in Britain!


I am not affiliated with this product. The manufacture has not supplied me with the product to review. The manufacturer did not contact me or pay me for this review.

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