Whale Watermaster Mains Water Hook Up

Fully serviced pitches are becoming more and more popular now, the fact that you can pitch, connect up your electric, fresh and waste water is very appealing to many caravaners. The freedom it gives you is enormous, no more listening to see if the water pump is going to run for longer than usual signifying that the water roll is dry… again. And no more trips dragging said water roll across that freshly mown grass only to find it looks more like a large sushi roll when you get it back.

Many caravaners invest in the mains adapter kit that means the water roll is automatically topped up as you use it. However at the end of your holiday, if you haven’t had the foresight to turn the water off in good time, when you come to pack up to leave you have a large volume of water to dump. Water rolls hold anything up to 51 litres of water (40 litres normally) and there is easily 20 litres in the roll that you have to dump. That’s extremely wasteful but up till now there hasn’t been much we could do about it.

Whale however have the solution. They are now producing the Water Master mains connection kit and they recently sent me one to try out. Instead of connecting a hose to the water roll, you connect instead direct to your van. Whale’s food grade hose has the correct fitting for your Whale pump inlet, and if you have a Truma system, there is an adapter that you use first. Then it’s simply a matter of turning on the tap and letting your onboard tanks fill as normal.


We were trialling it for the first time at Love2Stay in Shrewsbury. It’s easy to set up and use, in fact the hardest part is making sure all the kinks are out of the hose as it fills with water. We tried to use it on our trip to Lancaster but the services bollard was sited to the right and we had to pitch to the left, that meant that the pipe wasn’t long enough. I contacted Whale about it and they have an adapter and extension pipe just for this occasion.

One reason that people didn’t used to connect their water direct to the van in the past is the fear of the water pressure blowing the pipes inside the van and causing a flood. Whale have thought of this and inside the connector they have built a pressure valve that prevents the mains pressure causing you an issue. Whale do recommend that you exercise caution though and that you should turn it off at the mains tap if you are out for any length of time, which is always sensible advice.

Would I recommend one? Definitely, I am now happy that I’m not going to be wasting water, and no more trips to the water tap for me!

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  1. Peter Tomlin

    Am i reading this wrong or is it for vans with onboard water tanks as ours hasnt so have to use the aquaroll,And yes i was also told not to bother with this product because of the water pressure problem

    • Hi Peter, our van only had an onboard hot water tank, so we too used an Aqua Roll. We simply dispensed with the Aqua Roll and connected the mains water direct to the van. I’ll ask my contact at Whale to jump in on this to add a little more information.

  2. Hi Peter,

    Thank you for your comment.

    Yes, you can also use the Whale Watermaster Mains connector if you do not have an onboard tank. Please Note: To use the Watermaster Mains Water Hook Up with an onboard pump, the pump’s inlet strainer (if included in the installation) should be removed from the system.

    With regards to your water pressure query, there is a pressure regulator fitted within the plug that reduces the mains water pressure down to 1.5 bar. This is factory set and for safety reasons is not an adjustable feature of the product. Due to this, we ask you not to tamper with the plug and we would always recommend you turn off the mains supply and the unit is unplugged when you are leaving your van for any period of time.

    I hope this helps. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with our Customer Support Team should you have any further questions on:
    Tel: 028 9127 0531 (weekdays) 0845 217 2933 (weekends)
    Email: info@whalepumps.com

    Best wishes
    Hayley Ferguson
    Whale Marketing Executive

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